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Offer RFID Silicone Wristbands、RFID Colorful Silicone Wristbands、RFID Nylon Wristbands、RFID PVC Wristbands、RFID PVC Disposable Wristbands、RFID Paper Disposable Wristbands and RFID Customized etc.We have five marketing teams, one design team, one research team as well as more than 300 factory staff...

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  • Identification

    RFID is a high precision technology to apply to identification.low cost and one-stop service,it is widely used in identification administration.

  • E-Payment

    Quickly and efficiently E-payment function,It is improving the way of people's consume in daily life.Can recharge and do payment with a RFID Cash

  • Tracking

    RFID technology is used for tracking system,such as the social security management, wildlife management,etc.

  • Cost-effective

    RFID is applied to identification service.It have been save much cost in company admiration and labor cost


Shenzhen Card Cube Smart Technology Co.,Ltd. founded in 2010, has been specializing in RFID & NFC Tags, RFID Wristbands, Keyfobs, NFC Metro Tokens, RFID Inlay etc.
Offer RFID Silicone WristbandsRFID Colorful Silicone WristbandsRFID Nylon WristbandsRFID PVC Wristbands、RFID PVC Disposable Wristbands
RFID Paper Disposable Wristbands and RFID Customized etc.

RFID Wristband · APPLICATIONSMake it Easier

*Applications: Widely used on Campuses, Amusement Parks, Buses, Access Control Areas, Concerts etc