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Card Cube Group strives to improve customer satisfaction

    In order to stimulate the work of passion, improve customer service levels, since the establishment of the company, the card Cube Group marketing team adhere to the morning to carry out every morning to meet the full spirit of the work every day, and strive to provide customers with more attentive service. After more than six months of adherence to the implementation of the team's service awareness has increased significantly, customer satisfaction has increased significantly.

    Every morning at nine o'clock in the morning, the marketing team of the elite team together, all of them full of energy, high morale, neatly arranged queue, the daily routine morning meeting.

    Morning session will be rich and colorful, to share and interactive way, Qi shouting slogans, morning dance, story sharing, game links, each link in turn. Moderator by the rotation of the team members, each member can get the language skills, organization and coordination of the exercise. We actively participate, speak, or according to the theme of the story to express their feelings and feelings and feelings, or to share with the customer to get along with the wonderful bit.

    The company's development is inseparable from the support of our customers, adhering to the "Yikeweizun, service-oriented" service concept, over the years card cubic party companies through continuous improvement of service levels, improve service mechanisms, and customers to establish a good long-term mutually beneficial Win-win partnership. In the morning, the gratitude to customers will become an important theme.

    Finally, the host of the morning to summarize each day, accompanied by all the members of the warm applause, the day ended early in the morning, all members immediately with full enthusiasm and professional services into the intense work. I believe in the joint efforts of all staff, by virtue of the company's high-quality products and attentive service, the card Cube Group's development will continue to break through, rising step by step.

Card Cube Group strives to improve customer satisfaction

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