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Halloween 2018

Halloween is a traditional festival in Western countries every year. “Hallow” comes from Middle English halwen, which is very close to the holy etymology. In some parts of Scotland, England and Canada, Halloween is still called “All Hallow Mas”, meaning the day of commemorating all the sages (Hallow).


"Trick or Treat" is one of the main activities of Halloween, mainly popular in the English world, such as the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other regions. The children dressed up as a variety of ghosts, door-to-door, ringing the neighbor's doorbell, yelling "Trick or Treat!". Some families even use sound effects and smoking machines to create a climate of terror. The eggplant obtained by the child one night is often counted in bags, and the whole bag is moved back home.

In Scotland, when a child wants candy, he will say, “The sky is blue, the grass is green, may we have our Halloween.”then Singing and dancing and other performances to win candy.

Welcome to the Card Cube Group, we have prepared candy and gift for you.

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