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What are the advantages of RFID compared to traditional barcode recognition?

RFID has great advantages over traditional barcode recognition:


1. RFID tag has strong anti-fouling ability

Traditional paper barcodes are susceptible to damage or contamination and can affect the correct identification of object information. RFID uses electronic chips to store information and is protected from external environmental pollution.

2. RFID tags are highly secure

The bar code is easy to operate and has the disadvantages of easy copying and poor information confidentiality. The RFID tag uses an electronic chip to store information, and its data can be password protected by coding, and its content is not easily forged and changed.

3. RFID tag capacity is large

The one-dimensional barcode has a limited capacity, and the maximum capacity of the two-dimensional barcode can only store 3,000 characters. The capacity of the RFID tag can be several tens of times of the two-dimensional bar code capacity, which can realize the real "one thing and one code", and meet the needs of increasing information volume and increasing information processing speed.


4.RFID can identify multiple tags at the same time

The barcode can only be scanned one at a time, and the barcode is required to be closer to the reader. RFID uses radio waves for data exchange. RFID readers can simultaneously identify multiple RFID tags at a distance and process and transmit information over a computer network.

5.RFID is the cornerstone of the Internet of Things

The barcode cannot be changed after it has been printed. RFID uses electronic chips to store information, allowing you to record any information about your item at any time, and it's easy to add, change, and delete information. Through the computer network, RFID can make the manufacturing enterprise and the sales enterprise realize the interconnection, keep abreast of the real-time information of the product in the process of production, transportation and sales, realize the transparent management of the product, and realize the real thing Internet of Things.

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