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RFID Bracelet for Music Festival Tickets

The music festival is a temporary music performance, with the necessary conditions for temporary existence, multiple artists to take turns to perform, and a large number of people. Most of them are held at regular intervals and usually at the same place. Some music festivals are mainly held to commemorate a musician, such as "Bach Music Festival", "Beethoven Music Festival", "Mayin Music Festival" "Nie Er Music Festival"; Large music festivals will launch their own official app. On top you can find timetables for bands, friends, restaurants and free shuttle bus schedules. Before the music festival begins, you can also check the band you want to see on the “Coachooser” app to generate your own itinerary. There are no tickets for many music festivals like now.

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   But what do they rely on for admission? A: RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) bracelet. RFID bracelet tickets have been widely adopted by major music festivals at home and abroad. With it, you won't have the panic of "taking tickets at all times to make sure you can re-enter." In the future, RFID bracelets may become a data mining tool for recording real-time dynamic and social information of participants.

   In the noisy places, the manual check-in is not only slow but also easy to be mixed into the fish in the mud. The rfid bracelet can be used as a ticket to record personal information, and even real-name system to ensure the safety of high-end music festivals.

   In the system, based on the different permissions, we can divide the access control Rfid bracelet into three categories, they are time card, work group card, privilege card.

   Time card: As the name suggests, you can set the time of each day of the week, which is convenient for users to manage the personnel who have time in and out;

   Workgroup Card: Sets the workday setting and non-workday setting, mainly for the enterprise staff to carry out the workday and non-work in and out management.

   Privileged card: It is free from time and level and can be accessed at any time. It is suitable for senior management and system maintenance personnel.

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