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Why do RFID custom wristbands to choose card cube Group RFID wristband factory

In our impression, from the manufacturers to buy goods cheaper than the market, many customers is spotted this, because manufacturers are not only cheap, but also the quality and security. Even if the RFID wristband to do the same, manufacturers have more advantages.there are many businesses in promoting products, will be under the banner of factory direct sales to attract customers to visit. We have a factory in Sakata, always welcome customers to visit the guide.

Card Cube Group RFID wristbands factory
Card Cube Group RFID wristband factory building

Card Cube Group's own mold factory, with multiple rubber mixing machine, curing machines, injection molding machines, lathes, milling machines and precision CNC machining centers, from the chip processing, welding molding is bound to provide one-stop solutions. According to customer plans to sample, to provide customized products and services (mold, appearance, materials, chips, etc.).

China's most professional RFID customized products manufacturers

Some RFID customization products are: RFID wine barrel lid labels, trash labels, screw labels, plastic tube labels, nail labels, bottle labels, key tags, laundry labels, RFID silicone wristbands, watches and so on.

Our advantage:

1、Mold development and manufacturing (we have our own mold factory): can be based on customer samples or directly open the 3D model. 2, the country's most professional manufacturers of custom products (vulcanizing machine, injection molding machine), materials are silicone, plastic, TPU, PPS, PP, PE, ABS and so on. 3, We are the only RFID wristbands manufacturer in Shenzhen. 4, and the difference between competitors as follows: ⑴ chip processing - binding - welding - forming, one-stop production. ⑵ cost control: lower cost, price concessions is the last word ⑶ own mold factory, in Shenzhen Sakata, to see the factory convenient, from the quality of the mold, we began to pay attention to quality. Others use the 50 # steel mold, to make 100,000 wristbands when the mold will be a flash, not smooth. And we use a 718 cubic card steel, can be used to 500,000 wristbands do not appear above. Because they have a mold factory, so we open a new model faster, quality is guaranteed.

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