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RFID wristbands become a variety of exhibition or event activities, "darling"

With the development of RFID, RFID wristbands have gradually entered our lives, more and more widely used, RFID wristbands to replace the usual cumbersome tickets, work documents, saving time, more convenient.

RFID wristbands become a variety of exhibition or event activities

RFID wristbands are now in a variety of exhibitions or events, parks and other places have also been widely used, there are two main types of wristbands: visitors (audience) wristbands and staff documents. The staff documents, including exhibitors, venue staff, the organizing committee staff, temporary admission certificate and so on. In order to achieve the rapid management of the venue staff and record information on visitors and visitors to the exhibition a better experience, the application process is as follows

A Registration

And the current exhibition process similar to the visitors before entering the venue should fill out the information collection card to register (or use business card exchange) in order to print wristbands and follow-up information collection and statistics can be combined with online registration subsystem in advance to register before the exhibition to avoid Congestion.

B collar wristband

The information entry personnel will fill in the basic information of the information acquisition card into the database and make the corresponding wristbands. The wristbands have the basic information (such as name, unit, etc.) of the visitors.

C entry

Visitors wear wristbands directly through the entrance channel, RFID reader effectively identify automatic release, wristbands invalid, expired or exceeded the limit will prompt the alarm.

D Booth

For interested customers, exhibitors can use hand-held devices to identify the RFID wristbands of the customers. After the exhibition, they can call up their personal data, browse the exhibition booths and stay time to analyze and print .

E exit

When you leave the library, you will also be able to recognize the automatic release through the egress channel and the RFID reader. The wristband will alert you if it is not working.

At the same time, RFID wristbands are still playing an increasingly important role in sports events, F1 events, concerts, parks and other activities of all the things.

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