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Why are large event music festivals using RFID wristband to enter the venue?

At present, large-scale events and festivals can see the figure of rfid wristbands, visitors use the RFID wristband to enter the venue, on Facebook to share and The way the media.


Most RFID wristbands contain short-range (typically 3-125px) passive tags that do not require a built-in battery and can be accessed by touching or touching an RFID reader. When the reader detects an RFID wristband, it automatically activates the magnetic field of the coil antenna inside the tag, supplying energy to the tag, which transmits the data in the tag to the reader.

The tags in the RFID wristbands can be written directly to the information, or as keys to a personal security database. More than 40 festivals around the world use RFID wristbands to provide fast-track access, cashless payments and social media interactions. Users can choose to tie their RFID wristbands to Facebook and Twitter accounts when they purchase tickets online, allowing users to post, share, or "like" their favorite events while on the move.

British wristbands were used at several festivals last summer, including the Isle of Wight Festival. A total of 3.5 million visitors are expected to use RFID wristbands around the world. When the guests arrive at the venue, in the nearest reader waved a wristband to enter the venue. Not only the guests, businessmen, staff and media reporters need to use the wristband, also need to pre-fill the information to obtain the appropriate authorization.

The program saves organizers money by integrating access control and ticketing functionality into the same system, as they do not need to use multiple different scenarios. And because the guests do not need to enter the venue to the staff to check the tickets, so than the use of paper tickets to be 3,4 times faster, to enhance customer satisfaction.

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