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Wearable equipment for medical and kindergarten express delivery - RFID wristbands

Today, our lives have entered the era of intelligent, in the past decade, intelligent equipment has greatly changed people's daily lives in all aspects. Wearable equipment, the rise of medical intelligent equipment is also constantly upgrade the overall level of the industry. 

RFID wristband is a convenient and durable wear on the wrist above the smart variety of radio frequency card. Wristbands electronic tags use environmentally friendly silicone materials, comfortable to wear, and beautiful appearance, with decorative; can be divided into disposable wristbands and reusable wristbands. 

RFID wristbands can be used in card, food and beverage consumption, attendance management, swimming pools, washing centers, sauna centers and entertainment venues, airport parcels, parcel tracking hospital patient identification, childbirth, baby identification and prison management, care management, staff location Wait. 

Wearable Equipment Courier - RFID wristbands
Wearable Equipment Courier - RFID wristbands 

Examples of RFID wristbands: 

Used in the medical industry 

The wristband chip can first determine the patient's injury situation, the scene of the wounded in many cases, through the wristband scan, the doctor can determine which patients need the first time surgery, which patients can go to the rear for treatment. By scanning the chip pre-sent to the mobile hospital information, you can help doctors to determine the surgical program in advance to reach the mobile hospital, the first time surgery, you know, save every second in disaster relief can save many lives. After a preliminary calculation, this set of "wrist surgery" system, the traditional disaster surgery can improve the efficiency of more than 3 times.

Used in kindergarten safe 

Kindergarten refinement management system is essential to the birth of it through RFID-related products with voice synthesis technology (TTS technology) solution, that is, RFID cartoon wristband tagging personnel positioning system. 

In the reader and the RFID wrist-type tag with locator, and embedded voice synthesis chip, wrist-type tag through the reader to their own ID information and location information on the locator accurate collapse to the computer system, then the system can handle Clearly reflect the location of the children, but also set up good information in advance to use voice prompts promptly to inform. RFID reader installed in the kindergarten door, channel and more remote corners and other specific locations for the region to receive all the electronic tags to send information.

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