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Why use PVC wristband material? - RFID PVC wristbands

With the progress of science and technology, wearable equipment is gradually becoming a lifestyle, the next few years rfid wristbands and other monitoring equipment market will grow substantially. Rfid wristbands in addition to the commonly used silicone wristbands, as well as soft pvc material, the following Xiaobian introduce the card cube pvc wristbands:

What is the PVC material, what is the PVC material, why our wristbands use the PVC soft rubber material, the Pvc main ingredient is the polyvinyl chloride, additionally joins other components to enhance its heat resistance, the toughness, the ductility and so on. The surface of the film is the uppermost layer, the middle of the main component is polyvinyl chloride, the bottom is the back coating adhesive. From the material itself, PVC products mainly by the PVC powder (PVC) and oil, color paste mixed with the deployment of raw materials made by the micro-injection Dijiao heating and cooling technology made.

Why use PVC wristband material? - RFID PVC wristbands

RFID PVC wristband Features:

1. Colorful color, and affordable.

2. Chip can be packaged high-frequency or low-frequency chip, the thickness of 1.0mm

3. Soft texture, tear resistance, feel good, waterproof, shock

4. non-corrosive, and good elasticity.

Chip: low frequency / high frequency / ultra high frequency

Process: silk screen / laser / Au word / Braille, and so on

Application: Widely used in theme park, card, attendance management, food consumption, medical management cabinet, etc.

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